Nature Experience in Pakistan

29 Jan 2021 Fiza Aslam 1277

Nature Experience in Pakistan





Hunza valley

“Hunza is one in every of the foremost lovely valleys of Asian nation giving fantastic culture and traditions, fantastic cordial reception, vastly lovely views of mountains as well as Karakoram ranges, mountain peak, Rakaposhi,...”
The Hunza valley is standard for its covering and rough mountains. Many folks came to Hunza simply to induce many glimpses of the shining ice wall of the Rakaposhi Mountain. Alternative standard mountains in Hunza embody Passu Peak, Ultra Peak, and Kuksel Sir.
The best time to go to Karimabad and therefore the Hunza valley is from April to October however avoid Gregorian calendar month to August if you are doing not like crowds. The Hunza valley will get quite huddled throughout the mid summer months as each the native and therefore the Chinese tourists flock the place once the temperature is good and heat.




Margalla Hills

“If you ever had a dream to wander through forest or by road and have the most effective of nature by staring at wonderful read of gorgeous nature, mountains and therefore the scenes can cause you to feel blessed i forever choose walk tow...”
“The Margalla hills area unit sort of a crown kitchen appliance the national capital, full of lovely leaf, an excellent lovely read of national capital, a little cool weather and really lovely and pleasant visit.”



Deosai park

“There could be a lake at the highest of mountains encircled with a lot of mountains, it’s completely lovely and you'll be blown away by the wonder god has created, wonderful and you want to visit it!”
“Loved the Sadpara lake conjointly that is incredibly getting ready to Skardu. There area unit several species of animals like Urdus, arcos, Leopards and Markhoors found at Deosai depression that area unit terribly tough to identify during a day visit.”





“Beautiful read, several alternative activities like horse riding will rent a horse on hourly basis and visit the read purpose, seafaring is a wing expertise, sightseeing is gorgeous.”
“Ahhh, however might I narrate the views and sweetness of this lake in words, it’s a paradise on earth, there is s story that fairies return to the present lake on the ordinal of lunation. The Government ought to conjointly improve the cleanliness.”




“We felt really blessed to relish the corporate, expertise, expertise, services and quality varied food. Thanks to the experience of the Vertical Explorers we tend to each achieved our goals in physiological state (not an indication of a...”
“For those people with a predilection for wandering down a path checking out hidden treasures like birds, animals, flowers, etc the need to look at each step caused a significant and fast modification of technique.”