Learn to say “NO”

05 Feb 2021 Fiza Aslam 1661

Learn to say “NO”

It is easy to say “YES” to every request when your priorities are undefined. So when your priorities are not scheduled in your planner, other people’s priorities get into your planner, ultimately delaying your goal even further. The solution is to be clear about your higher objectives and learn to say no gracefully.

I can say that because this exactly was one of my flaws. I was not able to say NO to anybody because I felt that would be rude and discourteous and it was significantly affecting my goals. This takes me to the time when I was a new teacher in the school and most of my colleagues were senior to me. So it was most obvious that the majority of the tasks whether relevant or irrelevant were assigned to me and saying NO to anybody was not my cup of tea at that time. Things were going out of hand and I was not at peace so the principal of the school took the matter in his hands. He gave me a piece of advice that I still remember. He told me it’s only by saying no that you can focus on the really important things. You are not here to please anybody. Nobody will judge you based on that. So focus on your priority tasks and learn to say No without being judged or being selfish. That was a life-changing moment for me. I understood that nothing is more important than inner peace and if something costs you your inner peace, it’s too expensive!!

So all in all, focus on your priorities, focus on your planner and learn to say NO with elegance. There’s nothing wrong in that. Just think about it!