Best Foldable Wireless Keyboard

07 Jan 2021 Fiza Aslam 1233

Best Foldable Wireless Keyboard


In general, a keyboard is just a keyboard; people use it to type or write the content. But since when innovation took place in our lives. Thoughts and preferences of people have switched towards choosing the more advanced, more compact, and more portable options. So, it resulted in the up gradation of a traditional keyboard into a wireless keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, foldable keyboard, and gaming keyboard.

Not only is that, today’s keyboards compatible with other devices too such as smart phones and smart TVs. These keyboards are space-friendly, easy to use, and portable, comes in different size buttons as well as features touchpad. Keeping in mind these tremendous features of a keyboard, I decided to write a detailed review of the best folding keyboard models. Let’s have a look at that list.

  1. Sounwill Foldable Wireless Keyboard








You can also call this wireless keyboard a pocket-size keyboard. It is a foldable one, lightweight, super slim, and made up of pure leather material. It comes with a Smartphone stand in the box. Compatible with desktop computers, laptops, Smartphone’s, TVs, and tablet devices, etc. Utilizing the BT (Bluetooth) 3.0 technologies, this folding keyboard features a wireless range of almost 10 meters. As it is powered by a lithium battery, so the battery may last longer for more than 40 hours on continuous typing. If we talk about design, the keyboard looks pretty attractive and solid. Moreover, key buttons produces no weird and disturbing sound while typing. This feature suits well the silent requirements of authors and writers. Overall, you will never regret buying this keyboard because of its portability, easy to use features, silent key buttons, and affordable price range.



  • Silent Key-Buttons
  • Slim & Light Weight
  • 40 Hours of Battery Life
  • Leather Material



  • Typing Mismatch



  1. Arteck Mini Folding Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard














It is a foldable, wireless, and Bluetooth keyboard manufactured by Arteck Company. Compatible with Windows, MacOs, iOS, and Android. So, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, android device, or iOS device. This foldable wireless keyboard will serve you well. Arteck’s this model keyboard is ultra-slim, lightweight, pocket size, and ergonomic. Built quality is super strong and durable. While the sides are made up of pure aluminum material. If we talk about the battery timing, this keyboard will serve you for 60 long hours as it contains a built-in Li-polymer battery. Key buttons are not so outclassed but well enough for daily routine usage. Buttons don’t produce any notable sound that feels you weird or uncomfortable. So, for routine use, you can get this amazing folding keyboard and expect its services for a long time.












  • 60 Hours Battery
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy Texture
  • Compact, Slim & Light Weight
  • Broad Compatibility


  • Bluetooth Pairing (Rare)



  1. Perixx Folding Wireless Keyboard











A 4.9-ounce keyboard that can easily fit in your pocket after folding. This foldable wireless keyboard model (PERIBOARD-805E) by Perixx is totally a slim and sleek gadget. It is compatible with windows, android, and iOS devices.

Design-wise, it is a v-shape keyboard with durable built quality. It feels pretty beautiful in this position placed on a table or desk. Key buttons (key switches) are also quality buttons, as the company uses scissor-switch technology to maintain comfort and ease of use during typing.

The Bluetooth technology is based on version 3.0 and the power battery is a lithium-based rechargeable battery that may survive for more than 36 hours of continuous typing.










  • Scissor-Switch Technology
  • V-Shaped Beautiful Design
  • Pocket Size


  • Average Built Material


  1. Aurtec Mini Foldable Wireless Keyboard









While discussing the advanced features of foldable keyboards, I mentioned term “Touchpad”. So here is the keyboard model manufactured by Autec Company that features a touchpad too. It is the best mini keyboard available in market.

This mini folding keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices. The company built it using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The key switches are responsive and comfortable while typing.

Design is pretty attractive, where on the one side of the folding area, there is a touchpad attached. Apart from that, it features a rechargeable battery that easily serves for more than 50 hours of continuous typing.




  • Touchpad
  • 63 Key Buttons
  • 50 Hours of Battery
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Attractive Design


  • Positioning issue of Some Buttons